Leaking of nudes and its psychological harm to victims is a growing issue largely ignored. In response, ECPAT Sweden is launching a support platform to aid the affected and to change the narrative of who’s to blame when nudes get's leaked.
We are extremely grateful and happy to be noticed by the nationally recognized communications magazine Resume! Resume made an interjection about the prestige of ECPAT joining Berghs graduation helping them enhance the ECPAT brand.

Create a new communications campaign towards the new digital platform engaging a new target group creating awareness about ECPAT and the digital platform.
Isac Lissåker     Olivia Rönnqvist
Freja Jonsson     Emilia Silfverberg
John Sigfridsson     Tova Andersson
Josefin Andersson     Josephine Bergh
We were commissioned to develop a launch campaign that would draw attention the target group, children between 13-17 years, about ECPAT as an organization and aware them of the new platform. The challenge lies in that ECPAT hav never communicated to this target group. The target group is unaware of ECPAT as an organization, making it difficult to realize  ECPAT as relevant and reliable.
Based on our strategic direction, the skewed debt coverage, we choose the concept: ECPAT will never let it be about you. The concept is shifting focus from the person who sent the image to the one who leaks it. It’s a very copy-driven solution with eye-catching contrasts that captures attention. The campaign focus is to thoroughly recognize who’s responsible and ECPAT's supporting role in this. The concept will be taken out in social media in the form of Adverts. In addition, we have developed various collaborations with ambassadors for reaching the targeted audience where they already are and conveying the message in confidence - through people they perceive as genuine and relatable.
Being relevant to the target group, we chose to talk about the problems around dissemination of nude images instead of the platform itself. That way we pay attention to the problem that the platform helps solve, which indirectly drives traffic there. We also placed great emphasis on tonality, where we portray ECPAT as a reactive organization rather than a preventive. We did this cause our research showed that the target group wants an authority that can help them when nude images spreads.
The solution helps the customer build a relationship with the target group, which results in that they
help even more. The target group will know what ECPAT are and what they do. The solution isn’t limited by time, it offers more possibilities and keeps evolving. It will attract attention as all choices are based on a strong strategic foundation and are designed to have the greatest impact on the target group.
By this ECPAT will achieve its goals and make a difference for the better too many children.
As a digital designer my primary contribution was to create and visualize the marketing material. This was a communication campaign to increase recognition not a creation or enhancement of digital platforms using my main corse-based knowledge. Although doing things you aren’t great at only widens your perspective and knowledge. In this campaign I started of distributing surveys along with desk-research gathering knowledge according the task. With research I and the creator’s group started creating creative tracks. We enhanced our ideas to our final concept and tuned in with our costumers so that everything’s ok. I together with one other creator created the digital campaigns down below along with many more variations for a characteristic and versatile campaign.

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