Skansen park is the worlds oldest open-air museum located at Djurgården in Stockholm City. Skansen has an average of 1,4 million visitors annually and hosts a number of beloved Swedish shows.
Create a communication campaign or activity that increases understanding and simplifies communication about the wide offer that Skansen provides. Find the company's communication tone and make customers understand that you can visit Skansen 365 days a year, even in the off-season.
Time spent on project ≈ 4 weeks
We recreated the existing Skansen homepage so that the private and corporate part came in focus so that customers more easily find their way.

We also created a campaign where Skansen where to put branches through out Stockholm where people could socialize and interact with people dressed in contemporary clothes.
The branches aim where to make the spot feel and look like a vision of the past Stockholm with fitting cloths, gadgets and architecture. 
Isac Lissåker
Linnea Lindgren
 Fanny Blom
 Lisa Hedelin
 Jennifer Bonér
 Hanna Lilja
 Zackarias Lindskog
 Erika Back
In a team of 8 with I as the only Ux Designer along with one other designer. My primary assignments whare to create visuals. Secondary was research, strategy and tonality.

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